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My experiments with audio and electronics.

I am Serdar Öner. I love music, I love electronics, I love designing and making loudspeakers. I have been designing my loudspeakers since 90s. This is my hobby. But I also want to share my passion and products with others. Museic Soundworks is my personal brand for loudspeakers that I make. I design my loudspeakers for best system response. Natural, solid and transparent. Best drivers can sound awful if the system is not designed and engineered good. And good enough drivers can sound very impressive with a good design. I search best value drivers all around the world and design systems around them. So, my designs sound good for the price (or the cost). I am sharing my work here for who are interested. If you like my designs, I can built for you too. I can make customizations or develop something unique for you. This is still my hobby and I learn something new everyday. Let’s share it!

Serdar Öner with Museic Model R loudspeaker.
I am with the first Model R. Photo Credit: Deniz Dinçer Öner.

Reference Series

Model R


My first reference loudspeaker. This is a 3-way bass-reflex design. It is designed to be very solid and natural sounding for the most demanding audiophiles. Due to its’ advanced matrix internal supporting frame and double layer front baffle, cabinet structure is very rigid and minimizes possible resonances. To minimize standing waves, double chambers and very low crossover frequency for the bass units used. Great value for serious audiophiles.

Museic Model R loudspeaker.


Model MA

Just Released!

Model MA is the purists loudspeaker. This is a full-range loudspeaker. Carefully designed over a legendary driver, there is no losses here, just pure amplifier power at your service. No crossovers, thick quality internal wiring and very rigid enclosure. Rounded baffle design minimizes baffle step distortions.

Museic Model MA on Stand
Model MA on it’s specially designed stand.


Model 1m


My 2-way design with a powerful impact. It has same genes and some drivers of more serious Reference Series in a smaller cabinet. It has a carefully selected bass unit, which is powerful and goes down around 40Hz. I tuned the bass-reflex cabinet to around 37Hz for enhancing deep bass response. Again, this is a very good value proposition in its product category.

Museic Model 1m loudspeaker.

From The Blog

My Visit to Akkason Audiorack

I was following Akkason Audiorack Instagram account for a long time. They are a custom audiorack producer for high-end audio systems, such as loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables etc. I was admiring their work, because they make custom designed and well designed racks for audiophiles. So I contacted them recently for possible development of a special stand…

How the crossover PCB boards prepared?

I produce Museic crossover PCB’s by using a milling router. I first design the PCB layout on computer, then export it to my CNC router. The router removes some copper metarial from PCB surface to create the circuit. Enjoy some video of my pilot productions.

“Museic is the food for your soul!”